Chickens, peacocks, birds roam free in central Phoenix neighborhood

PHOENIX - In the middle of Phoenix, near 36th Street and Thomas, an interesting flock has made a home.

"Flower is an interesting street. I would hate to be in a part of the city away from it," Diane Boyce said.

Hundreds of roosters roam a several-block area. They are living in bushes and backyards. And yes, they cross the road too.

"It's like they have their own little areas," Boyce said.

Nobody lays claim to the chickens, hens, and even peacocks here. Over the years, they've just become part of the landscape. Neighbors say decades ago there was a chicken farm close by.

That farm shut down, but the descendants of those birds remain.

They'll cautiously approach people, looking for a handout, but neighbors say the birds aren't very dangerous.

"Not to people, sometimes to each other," she said.

Most people we spoke with say the birds are an endearing part of the neighborhood, but admit they do sometimes ruffle a few feathers.

"The roosters bother some people. Because they crow numerous times a day. Not just in the morning. They all crow," Boyce said.

Despite the noise, and the occasional mess on the sidewalk, neighbors say they're better than snowbirds, and these chickens can rooster right here.

"I like them. They give character to the city."

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