Chandler police still trying to identify suspect in Serrano's Mexican Food shooting

CHANDLER, AZ - Police are still trying to identify the suspect in a shooting that occurred over the weekend at a Serrano's Mexican Food restaurant in Chandler.

Chandler police say a male victim was shot inside the restaurant Saturday evening.

Seth Tyler of the Chandler Police Department said the incident occurred around 6 p.m. near Arizona Avenue and Frye Road, and the restaurant was full of people.

The shooting suspect approached the victim's table while he was sitting with friends and asked, "Hey do I know you?"

A friend of the victim stood up and a fight ensued with the suspect, spilling into the aisles and into the middle of the restaurant, according to Tyler.

The suspect then pulled a gun and shot the victim several times before leaving the restaurant and driving away.

The victim had been transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

The shooting suspect's location is unknown at this time.

Detectives are working with the victim and witnesses in hopes of identifying the suspect.

Tyler said in an update Monday that surveillance inside the restaurant is also still unknown.

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