Boston Marathon explosions: Chandler couple reunited with granddaughter, ran in Boston Marathon

The gravity of the explosions at the Boston Marathon are just starting to sink in for some. One Valley family is finally back together, but it took hours after the blast before they heard from each other.

Christina, a Scottsdale woman who declined to give her last name, said it didn't seem real at the time. She had just left the area when the bombs went off.

Christina ran a 5K in the same area the day before the big event.  She attended the Boston Marathon to support her friends. Her friends finished the race early and were in a cab heading to the restaurant to celebrate when the explosions went off.

Meanwhile, her grandparents heard the news here in Arizona.

"(My husband) called me and said 'Did you put the TV on?'" Kathy Daly, from Chandler, said.  "My granddaughter is in the middle of all this. Where is she? I was watching TV and looking at all the faces, stretchers coming out.  It was really bad because everybody had dark hair. My granddaughter has dark hair."

Kathy tried to get a hold of her daughter through a phone call. She couldn't; the phone lines were busy. 

"I was really getting panicky. I was crying, shaking," Kathy said.

It was through a Facebook post that Kathy finally learned Christina was fine.

"That was all I needed to hear," Kathy said not knowing any of the details.

Christina arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport Tuesday morning. Her anxious grandparents were waiting outside of Terminal 4 to see her.

"Thank God," Kathy Daly, from Chandler, said when she saw Christina.

"(I'm) in one piece," Christina said as she hugged her grandfather.

When the explosion went off, Christina says she thought it was construction.

"I got a text from one of my friends and I was like that can't be real," she said.

Some of her friends were staying at a hotel near the finish line, the location where the explosives were detonated.

"We were just trying to stay put and not go over there," Christina said. "Everyone didn't know what was going on. You're in the moment so you don't really know what's happening, trying to get in touch with everyone."

Christina and her friends were fortunately not injured.

'Still a shock for everybody," she said.  "It's all coming together now. It was a very long day."


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