Caught on camera: Dangerous driver on the Loop 101

PHOENIX - What would you do if you saw an erratic driver speeding down the middle of a busy Valley freeway? 

One woman caught a driver doing just that and tried to turn him in. But, in the end, she says she felt completely powerless.

The dangerous driving went on for quite a while. The driver was caught on camera on the Loop 101 for at least 25 miles, starting at Tatum Boulevard and ending at Thunderbird Road.

The woman who filmed the driver wants to stay anonymous, but there's a reason she chose to follow him for nearly 30 minutes.

Weaving in and out of the lanes, sporadic braking and you won't believe what happens next.

"He hit the median, the concrete median and we just sat there and went ahhh! But, it bounced off and he still kept going," says the woman who captured the erratic driving on her cell phone.

In fact, the dangerous driving continued for nearly a half hour.  

"It was slowing down to 30, speeding up to 70, plus," she explains.

The entire thing was caught on cell phone video.

"Hit the rocks, the rocks flew, they didn't stop," she says.

But, what upset this woman the most is that she called 911 three times to report the erratic driver and says no officers ever showed up. In fact, you can see the driver as he passes a police car.

"We thought, at first, he was waiting for us because we already made a couple phone calls," she says.

But, the erratic driver cruises right past the officer.

Every time the woman passed a new mile marker, the 911 dispatcher would transfer her to a different police jurisdiction. 

"I honestly was in fear that something really bad was going to happen," she says.

But, the woman refused to give up because she understands the kind of pain that type of accident would cause.

"When I was in high school, my boyfriend got killed in a drunk driving accident. The thing is I was supposed to go that evening and for whatever reason, I stayed home," she remembers.

So, she says she thought if she just kept going and calling police that kind of accident wouldn't happen.

"Somebody won't get hit or hurt or possibly die and that's what was in the back of my mind," she says.

ABC15 called the Department of Public Safety and they told us they take all calls seriously and take action with the resources they have available.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves said when the call first came in, DPS was working a number of collisions which required an immediate response.

Graves said an arrest was made near Loop 101 and 59th Avenue at 11:30 p.m Tuesday night, after officers made an attempt to locate the vehicle that had been reported driving dangerously.

32-year-old Jason Laskowski was taken into custody for DUI, and was also found to be in possession of 188 oxycodone pills.

Laskowski was caught on camera on the Loop 101 for at least 25 miles, starting at Tatum Boulevard and ending at Thunderbird Road.


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