New store selling funeral supplies at Christown mall

PHOENIX - When Karl Tate's father passed away last month, he and his family had a tough time finding just the right way to preserve his memory. 

That is, until the Tate's came to the Christown Mall in Phoenix.

"It's something that everyone is going to have to deal with at some time," Tate said. "My wife purchases jewelry from ' Til We Meet Again ' in order to put his ashes in."

''Til We Meet Again' is a new store specializing in custom funeral accessories. From unique urns to colorful caskets, they have it all on display in the mall.

"We truly have over a thousand caskets. I can't say enough about the keepsake jewelry because that brings so much comfort," the store's owner, Pat Kerivan said.

Kerivan hopes to fill the Valley's funeral needs by allowing people a wide range of creativity in remembering their loved ones.

So far, the reaction has been mixed.

"Because I am the first store located in a mall, there's a little shock factor with people walking by and going what did I just see...but it's OK," Kerivan said.

One of the more popular lines is for veterans.

"You can't do any better that honoring our veterans, and we are very proud of this line. We have the ability to reproduce and distribute all branches of service," he said.

Kerivan said the options and designs are endless.

"This lady wanted to have her wedding picture, the picture of all her family, so she gave us the pictures, we did the collage around the roses, and gave them a draft, they approved it, and had the casket at the funeral home in three days," he said.

Whether big, or small, for those who may have just lost a loved one, adding the personal touch may seem like just the right thing.

"The fact that we all can view him through this is a lot more consoling, and a lot easier," Tate said.


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