Bus strike: Amalgamated Transit Union members threaten to strike against First Transit

PHOENIX - Those who use public transportation in Tempe and Mesa to get to work, run errands or to return home could potentially see a service disruption next month if an agreement is not met between operators and their employer.

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Unit, or ATU, have threatened to go on strike against their employer, First Transit, early next month if contract negotiations don't smooth themselves out, said ATU in a press release.

The ATU Local 1433, which represents bus and light rail operations in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Yuma, filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board citing bad faith bargaining, regressive bargaining, failure to provide information and threats to partially impose its proposals against First Transit.

"We do not believe that First Transit is keeping the promises that they made to the Regional Public Transit Authority when they were awarded the contract," said Bob Bean, President of the Union.

First Transit said in an emailed statement, "We have negotiated in good faith for several weeks and have reached agreements with the ATU on most issues. We will continue to bargain in good faith and hope to reach an agreement on the remaining open issues during next week's bargaining sessions."

Formal mediation has been requested and will take place on June 25 and June 28.


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