Bundgaard speaks out after ex-girlfriend talks about freeway fight

PHOENIX - State Senator Scott Bundgaard decided to speak out Tuesday night regarding a freeway fight back in February with his former girlfriend.

Bundgaard pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor endangerment charge under a plea agreement in a case stemming from a February altercation.

The Peoria Republican entered the plea Tuesday morning, a day after attorneys said negotiations were under way.

A judge accepted the terms of the plea agreement. It provides for dismissal of a misdemeanor assault charge and for Bundgaard to enter a domestic violence diversion program.

"This is basically a dismissal of the charges with homework," said Bundgaard during an interview with ABC15 Tuesday night.

If Bundgaard completes the diversion program, the entire case will be dismissed.

If he doesn't, the judge will impose a sentence of five days in jail and 36 months of probation.

His ex-girlfriend, Aubry Ballard lashed out at the Bundgaard Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm very fortunate, this could have been a homicide case," said Ballard. "I'm not surprised that Scott took this plea. A trial surely would have ended with a guilty verdict."

Bundgaard responded to Ballard's comments saying, "We wanted to go to trial, but this was a good deal," said Bundgaard. "My heart goes out to her and I wish her the best and she has a wonderful family and I hope she embraces that family."

A no contest plea does not require an admission of guilt, and Bundgaard has denied he assaulted Ballard.

Ballard said she has not heard from Bundgaard and was disappointed in Tuesday's developments.

"He (Scott) chose the easier way out," said Ballard.

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