Brain tumor found after man gets hit with gun during armed robbery in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A Phoenix Circle K manager who was a victim of an armed robbery has the incident to thank for saving his life.

According to CNN , the man had been hit in the head with a gun twice during the store robbery and was later taken to the hospital.

He required 8 stitches to close the wound on his head, according to the family's statement on GoFundMe.

The hospital, when tending to the man's wounds, also discovered that the man had a large brain tumor.

The man's wife reportedly told a CNN affiliate that if the tumor hadn't been found by doctors at that time, chances were good that he would have soon died from it.

"It's hard to be thankful to somebody who was so violent," his wife said, according to CNN. "I'm just very blessed that my husband is still alive and that it wasn't over that morning."

Three surgeries are expected to remove the tumor, and the man is still in the middle of the series of surgeries, CNN says.

The tumor was found to be benign, according to GoFundMe, but is of course still invasive.

The man has suffered some speech difficulties and facial paralysis from the tumor and surgery, but his family is hoping for the best.

If you would like to donate to the man's medical fund, click here .


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