Blankets needed for Valley homeless; need is growing this year

PHOENIX - Blankets are being collected to help the Valley's homeless this winter. At least 500 were donated Tuesday morning, but organizers say more are needed.

Quality Transport Services of Arizona worked with its partners and affiliates to collect blankets, sleeping bags, and warm clothes. Volunteers were seen unloading two truck loads at the Justa Center in Phoenix. 

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, the number of homeless in Arizona increased by just over 11 percent in 2012. Roughly 650 additional people were homeless.

It's a problem that motivates Kim Trinh, from Tempe, to take action. Trinh is collecting blankets and sleeping bags in her Marlborough Park neighborhood this winter to donate to the André House of Hospitality in Phoenix. 

Trinh, who is not a part of an organization, says it's a small effort but one that will hopefully make a difference.

There are 177 homes in this neighborhood, Trinh said. She's asking her neighbors to leave blankets out for collection this Saturday. 

So far, she's received seven blankets and three sleeping bags. There's still a long way to go, but Trinh is hoping the end result will be something she can't put into a number.

"Hopefully, it'll inspire people to take action in their community," she said.

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