Biological Resource Center update: Investigation expands to Nevada business

PHOENIX - The ABC15 Investigators have uncovered new developments in the case of a body donation lab raided in Phoenix.

The Attorney General's office is talking to more people and confirms this is a multi-state investigation that now includes Nevada.

Investigators have followed the paper trail after seizing files from Biological Resource Center in Phoenix leading them to subpoena files from a medical research facility it works with in Las Vegas.

A top company executive in Nevada tells ABC15 they are cooperating with the Attorney General’s office.

The investigation started in Detroit at a similar body donation business. The president of that company has now had his mortuary license suspended.

In January, that case led investigators to Biological Resource Center in Phoenix. The building has been turned back over to the owner, Steve Gore, while the investigation continues.

Gore has not been charged with any crimes.

Twenty two bodies that were removed as evidence from Biological Resource have since been turned back over to their loved ones.

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