Balloons released to remember hit-and-run victim

PHOENIX - Beneath the blazing Arizona sun, a heartbroken family let balloons take to the skies in Phoenix. 

"One, two, three," said Josette Gomez, as the balloons were released at Encanto Park Saturday.

Gomez and about two dozen family members attached flyers to the balloons they hope will land back on the ground and into the right hands.

The flyers describe what happened to Gomez's mother, Martha Sanchez.

She was crossing Indian School Road and 28th Street when she was hit by a car that never stopped back in February.

"We're not going to forget," said Jennifer Duran, Sanchez's daughter-in-law.

"Somebody had to have seen something or know something," Gomez said. "We're just hurting."

Police think Sanchez was hit by a person driving a dark colored, small sized sedan.

"They pretty much just left her to die there," Gomez said.

"It's the day before mother's day and it's our first mother's day without her," Duran said.

"It's very hard on the whole family," she added.

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