Aviso Child-in-Car Alert: New product can save children from being forgotten in hot cars

PHOENIX - A local inventor hopes his product can save children from being forgotten in a hot car.
Dozens of children die after being left in hot cars each year across the nation.
Scott McDonald said his product is based on a simple concept.
"I saw a case where a child died and thought if only there was an extra reminder or a "memory jog," he said.
McDonald invented the Aviso Child-in-Car Alert .  It connects a sensor on the car seat to the engine to trigger alarms.
The device actually senses the weight of a child in the car seat.  If a child is in the seat, a series of beeps will go off automatically when the ignition is turned off.
A secondary countdown then begins.   After 9 minutes the car horn will honk in a series of beeps.
Once the child is removed, the alarm stops.
The system does have to be professionally installed.   

More information on the Aviso Child-in-Car Alert can be found here

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