Atlanta storm: Phoenix traveler waits out southern storm in empty Atlanta airport

PHOENIX - A mammoth storm stretching from Mississippi to Maine has flights in an out of Atlanta, Georgia falling like dominos.

A Phoenix man has been in the thick of it waiting for a connection to come home.

Mike Graham got stalled in Atlanta while traveling between Florida and Arizona.

He says unlike the typical airport madhouse you expect during flight cancelations, this was a different experience.

He says there was hardly another traveler in site in the Atlanta airport, and the tram, food court and terminal were virtually empty Wednesday.

Graham believes the airlines were really good about warning travelers in advance about all the cancelations.

"They just basically canceled the flights and said 'don't even come to the airport,'" Graham said.

His plane was one of the few  de-iced and prepared to take on a slick tarmac once his airline found an available flight crew.

"This is, I think, the best-worst travel experience I’ve ever had."

Graham is hoping his travel experience carries on to Friday when he has to get back on a plane with a layover scheduled for New York just where the storm is forecast to head next.

As of news time Graham’s plane was scheduled to land at Sky Harbor just after 1 a.m.

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