ASU residence hall removes condom machines

PHOENIX - An Arizona State University residence hall has removed its condom machines due to lack of funding.

Taylor Place on the downtown Phoenix campus had the machines near the candy and soda vending machines until earlier this semester.

Student government members recently voted to stop funding the machines.

The Residence Hall Association is reportedly spending some of its budget, $1,000, and will offer free condoms later this spring semester.

Residents we talked to said it sends mixed messages to the students.

"It's like the school doesn't care about safe sex," said resident Jessica Doss.

Her mother, who happened to be with her agreed. 

So did Nakia Lester, who sees other problems associated with the removal of the machines.

"It makes it harder for people who don't have transportation to get them and could cause other problems within the college."

The student council has said other organizations could pay for new machines at any time.

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