Arizona's superintendent John Huppenthal apologizes for online remarks, won't resign

PHOENIX - Arizona’s superintendent is apologizing for controversial remarks he made online while using various pseudo names.

Wednesday afternoon John Huppenthal apologized for the remarks he made online years ago. He announced that he would not be stepping down from his position at the Department of Education after some officials, including Arizona’s former superintendent Lisa Graham Keegean, called for his resignation.

More controversial statements were released this week that Huppenthal published on the online political site Esspresso Pundit using the name "Falcon9."

Greg Patterson, the man behind the blog, released a 30-page document that chronicled Huppenthal’s comments on his site.

On December 14, 2010, Huppenthal wrote that immigrants were creating “fewer jobs for Caucasians. He continued to write that there should be “no Spanish radio stations, no Spanish billboards, no Spanish TV stations, no Spanish newspaper. This is America, speak English.” A day later on that same site, he said he didn’t mind ethnic restaurants selling Mexican food “as long as the menus are mostly in English."

On another post, Huppenthal said “Jared Loughner’s act was logical once you understand what he was thinking” referencing the Tucson shooting that killed six people and injured U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

Huppenthal admitted to posting other anonymous blog comments on other sites under the names "Tucydides" and "Falcon9."

Under these names, he called poor people “lazy pigs”, compared Planned Parenthood to the work of Hilter, and said that Charles Darwin “gave approval to the eradication of Jews and Africans.”

Other comments under the name "Falcon9" claimed President Obama said he himself was born in Kenya, and that President Franklin D. Roosevelt caused the Great Depression and paved the way for Hitler’s dominance.

In a press conference Wednesday, Huppenthal apologized for his words and left the press conference in tears when asked about how his actions may have hurt his chief of staff Merle Bianchi. 

Some community and business leaders are embarrassed by Huppenthal, who's public repudiation ended with his tearful exit.

"The comments that were made about Spanish media are non-productive and don't have a space in our economy," said Gonzalo de la Melena with the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


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