Arizona vet, who held anti-Islam rallies, asking Americans to carry rifles after Paris attacks

The Arizona veteran who made national headlines for holding anti-Islam rallies has a new message. Jon Ritzheimer created a Facebook page called "Pissed Off Americans" and he is urging everyone to pack heat, and be ready for war on U.S. soil.

“Whoo! What’s up America?” Ritzheimer says at the beginning of his newest video.

He is seen driving as a passenger in a vehicle. He says he is on his way to New York to confront writers at the Islamic Post, for calling him “the real terrorist.”

Following the terror attacks in Paris last week, Ritzheimer says he is ready for the terrorists, as he cocks his pistol.

In posts on his newest Facebook page, he talks about his new daily attire. 

“I'm urging all Americans across the U.S., everywhere in public, to start carrying a slug rifle everywhere,” Ritzheimer says. “Don't be a victim in your own country."

If anyone does take his advice, they should be ready to be stopped and questioned, especially in a place like an airport, where a Valley doctor, trying to prove a point was arrested for bringing his AK47.

Because Ritzheimer was on the road, he sent a separate video statement to ABC15, explaining why he wanted to spread his message.

“They go after the weak, the innocent and the unarmed,” Ritzheimer said. “I don't want to see any more bloodshed in this country than we already have.”

Some were seen commenting that the page is racist and ignorant. But many supporters from all over the country are following suit, posing with guns, saying they're ready to protect their families from a terror attack.

Tempe police and Phoenix police both declined a request for an interview regarding citizens freely carrying around rifles everywhere they go. A police source did say it may be legal, but it would not be very wise to follow Ritzheimer's advice. 

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