Arizona Small Dog Rescue reaches out to families affected by Green Acre Boarding Facility

PHOENIX - A local animal rescue is looking to ease the pain felt by those who lost their pets in the Green Acre Boarding Facility tragedy.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue has offered to the families involved, a rescue dog to help fill the void in their hearts.

The rescue has announced that for the next year, families who lost their pet can adopt any pets in their shelter free of charge.

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They are offering the waived adoption fees for the year because some pet owners may not be ready to open up their homes to a new pet just yet.

"After losing a beloved pet the grieving period is so different for so many people. Some will want to honor their beloved pet by adopting a new dog and giving honor to their lost loved baby by giving that empty bowl in your home and the empty space in your heart to a new homeless pet in need, and some will honor their pet by going through a longer process to mourn them," Arizona Small Dog Rescue says. 

"Both are right and both are amazing, but when you are ready for a new furry friend in your life, Arizona Small Dog Rescue wants to offer you a dog from our shelter, saved from being euthanized, abandoned, lost or lonely the chance to be loved by you."

Though the rescue organization's name heeds small dogs, they often take in dogs of other kinds. All different breeds, sizes, ages and personalities can be found at their shelter.

The director of Arizona Small Dog Rescue, Angi Hopson, can be contacted by families affected by the tragedy or other families around the Valley looking for a special rescue dog of their own, at

Available dogs can be found on the rescue organization's website .






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