Arizona senator vows to revive bullying bill

PHOENIX - An Arizona senator vowed to revive a bullying bill Thursday.

State Senator David Schapira took to the podium on the Capitol lawn defending SB 1462.

"The bullying laws in this state are insufficient," he said.

He introduced the bill and said it would give the state a tougher stance on bullying.

"This bill would be different. This bill would be offering training to their teachers so they could recognize bullying and how to deal with it," he said.

The bill was held up after clearing the Senate and missed a deadline to make it to the House for a vote.

Schapira said the delays stem from outside lobbying interests; specifically Cathi Herrod.

"Cathi Herrod, an unelected lobbyist killed a bill that would protect all Arizona kids purely because of her intolerance of gay kids."

In response to Schapira's allegations, Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy said in a statement: 

"Parents send their kids to school for reading, writing and arithmetic, not to be exposed to propaganda. There simply is no need at this time to expand current law addressing bullying."

Still, Schapira said he would continue to push for the bill, and has the support of some parents.

"I am begging the state of Arizona to pass this bill. To reconsider it. As a parent, if I knew better what was going on inside my child's school, I would be better able to protect her and work with the student body and staff to ensure it no longer happens again," Linday Kroll said.

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