Arizona native, Patrick Crowley, to showcase Cricket energy bars on ABC's 'Shark Tank' tonight

PHOENIX - Watch ABC's Shark Tank TONIGHT on ABC15 at 8 p.m.

We've all heard that insects contain protein, but have you ever tasted cricket before? What if it came in the form of an energy bar?

An Arizona native is hoping to impress the "Sharks" on ABC's Shark Tank with his Cricket energy bar. And it comes in multiple flavors, too: Aztec, Chaco and Thai.

We're talking dark chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter and coconut and lime.

Growing up, Patrick Crowley, loved being around water. He even graduated with a degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona.

During his studies, he learned that much of the water that flows down the Colorado River, never makes it to the ocean, according to his website, .

He says farming and irrigation is to blame, but insists that insects are the answer. According to his website, insects convert grain and grass into protein 10 times more efficiently than cows and pigs.

"The math is simple – if we shift even a small fraction of our protein consumption to environmentally friendly, healthy (and tasty!) insects, we can reduce the huge amount of water which irrigates the massive, mechanized farms which exist solely to feed the 300 million head of cattle and 1.4 billion pigs mankind slaughters every year," his website says.

What does he want the Sharks to do? He's hoping they help in altering the American diet (just a little) towards the insect delicacy.

Will the Sharks bite at the idea? Watch Shark Tank TONIGHT on ABC15 at 8 p.m.

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