Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says US Airways move won't hurt badly

PHOENIX - As meetings continue and speculation heats up in the merger talks between US Airways and American Airlines, Governor Jan Brewer told ABC15 she's discussed the situation with US Airways CEO Doug Parker.

If the merger happens, Valley based US Airways has already said the new company would be based in Fort Worth, Texas where American is headquartered.

It's believed Parker would lead the company which would maintain the American Airlines brand.

"I got all kinds of assurances from Mr. Parker," said Brewer Monday. "I believe him, they (US Airways) have a big operation here and very few jobs are going to Texas."

A recent study prepared for the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce showed the number of job losses at the US Airways Tempe headquarters could range from 500 with a 25% job cut to 2,000 with a 100% job cut if the merger occurs and the headquarters moves.

The same study shows millions of dollars in lost wages.

"They're (US Airways) still going to stay here," said Brewer. "We just basically are going to lose quote the status of losing the airline headquartered here."

According to various news reports, an announcement on the merger could happen anytime this week.

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