Any end in sight? 1 in 5 Arizonans relying on food stamps

PHOENIX - Daniel and Daniela Morales rely on food stamps to feed their family, and according to officials, they're not alone in our state.

"The food that they need these days, you know? Sometimes I struggle to pay the rent and it's hard," said Daniel.

The Department of Economic Security reports nearly 1 in 5 Arizonans are now getting food stamps.

It's an all-time high and a problem the Association of Arizona Food Banks' Brian Simpson blames on the recession.

From 2008 to now, the numbers have doubled from 600,549 to 1,137,786, and as the need grows, so does the fear.

"With the economy, it's hard these days, it's hard to get a job ," Daniel admitted.

Mallory VanSlyker is also struggling to find a job, and said he wants to quit using food stamps but doesn't know when that will happen.

"With today's government, I don't know because I still haven't seen new jobs being created."

Through the Morales' are struggling to do the best they can, they're thankful for the program.

"I thank God that there's help from the government. It's actually helping us to stay alive," said Daniel.

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