Andre LeTeve, Scottsdale dad convicted of murder in sons' deaths, faces death penalty

PHOENIX - Jurors who convicted a Scottsdale man in the shooting deaths of his two young sons are expected to hear evidence on whether the man should face the death penalty.

The jury is scheduled Monday to begin to hearing arguments if 40-year-old Andre LeTeve should be sentenced to life in prison or face death.

A Maricopa County Superior Court jury found LeTeve guilty last week on two counts of first-degree murder.

Prosecutors say LeTeve was a real-estate broker facing financial ruin and divorce at the time of the shootings on March 31, 2010. They presented jurors with a suicide note that LeTeve wrote to his wife, Laurie, several days before the murders.

He was accused of shooting his 1-year-old son Asher and 5-year-old son Alec at the family's home and then himself in the chin before calling 911.

LeTeve's lawyer says his client denies planning the shootings and hopes to convince the jury his life is worth saving.

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