Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority uses MLK Day to make a difference

PHOENIX - It was an early morning spent sorting, folding, and hanging clothing donations at the Central Arizona Shelter Services in downtown Phoenix. For the members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, it's more than just another volunteer effort.

"In addition to it being the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, it's also the MLK Day of Service and we take that very seriously," Brit Perkins, a group member said. "Every year, we like to come back and do some type of community activity."

This year, Operation Clean Closet involved around thirty members of the group helping to clean up and straighten up thousands of shirts, pants and shoes for those in need.

"We have men's clothes, women's clothes, clothes for the winter," Perkins pointed out.

The group gave the shelter's donation closet a makeover which they hope will give those in need a better experience and empower them with confidence.

"Dr. Martin Luther King believed that life's most urgent question is what are you doing for others, and so we hope that as a result of us coming and giving our service, not just today, but other days, that people find that the should be giving and serving others on a consistent basis," Dr. Angie Williams-McMichael said about the group's work.

It's a team effort to create a new look, and a new feel here, and hopefully for the people who need it most.

"It is a great accomplishment. It gives me goosebumps knowing that I was able to provide a difference and our organization was able to provide a difference for the community," Dorothy B. Finnie said.

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