Allergy season tips: Dust a big reason for allergy problems at home

PHOENIX - It has already been a rough allergy season, and it isn't over yet.
We're entering the next phase. Windy conditions are expected over the next couple days and even our first major dust storm last week , things are getting stirred up and anyone suffering allergies will feel the pain.
"We're seeing a lot of patients," said Dr. Sheila Sudakhar with Cigna Health Group.   "Once the symptoms start it is easy for sinus infections to set in."
Sudakhar helped ABC15 take action by walking around an average house looking for areas where dust builds up that is often overlooked.
Window shutters and blinds are a big source of dust build up, along with silk plants, decorative shelves, and especially ceiling fans.
"You maybe haven't had the fans on all winter and now when you turn them on, they throw dust all over the place," said Sudakhar.
Sudakhar also recommends shaking out pillows and bedding on a regular basis and don't forget stuffed animals that may be sitting as decorations in your kids' rooms.
"A lot of dust builds up and once they get moved it gets stirred up and can spark the symptoms," she said.
Change air conditioning filters once a month and keep windows and doors shut during the morning and evening hours when winds are more likely.

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