ADOT: No structural damage to Interstate 10, 17 ramp after large industrial fire

PHOENIX - The Arizona Department of Transportation said the ramp connecting Interstate 10 and 17 suffered no structural damage after a large fire broke out nearby .

ADOT said inspectors evaluated the ramp Friday morning focusing on the steel-grinder system, which supports the ramp. Officials said there was no smoke or heat damage to the grinders or concrete sections.

The right lane of the ramp reopened early Friday after being closed pending inspection after the fire.

Shortly before noon Thursday, dark smoke began to billow out of an industrial area near the 'Stack' interchange. Phoenix Fire responded to the situation as a hazardous materials incident.


“There were some large popping noises, probably propane tanks blowing up, and some shrapnel flying through the air from those,” Phoenix Fire Capt. Steve Pacimeo told ABC15.

Authorities believe a welding incident sparked the blaze at Breecher Sales, Inc.

Phoenix Fire Capt. Jonathan Jacobs said one worker suffered minor burns in the incident. No other injuries were reported.

AIR15 video showed more than 50 firefighters and several ladder trucks pouring thousands of gallons of water on the blaze that burned through three structures.

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