Address Confidentiality Program offers protection from dangerous ex or stalker

PHOENIX - Seventy families, mostly women and children, have enrolled in a program that redacts public records and allows the family to use a "dummy" address for all purposes, according to organizers.

Even a driver's license won't have the real information.

The Address Confidentiality Program is run through the Arizona Secretary of State's office and is setup to allow victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking to use a secret address to protect them from their abuser.

"If I were to be pulled over by a police officer and they were to type in my name, it would come up blank," said one enrollee, who asked that we not use her name.

The enrollees all have a state issued card that they show to official governmental agencies, such as the police, to confirm enrollment.

"I absolutely feel safer," the woman told ABC15 from her new home.

As part of the program, enrollees must relocate to a new address that is unknown to the abuser, she said.

The state then redacts the otherwise public information from its websites, so that the victim is protected.

"I never give out my physical address at all."

All mail is sent to a state office building and then secretly forwarded to the victim's home. On paper, the victim resides at the state office. It's that address that utility companies, schools and all other agencies will use.

The victim will only share the real address with friends and family who visit.

29 other states also have similar programs.

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