Abused pit bull Frankenberry recovering, getting a new home

PHOENIX - A wounded pit bull recently found wandering in Phoenix is getting another chance at a happy life.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Melissa Gable said Frankenberry is doing very well and is set to be adopted on Wednesday.

Officers on Nov. 10 saw the 2-year-old pit bull near 51st Avenue and Thomas Road and brought him to MCACC for treatment.

The dog looked like he had been cut with a knife from ear to ear on top of his head, which caused a lack of blood flow to his right ear, Gable said. The injuries caused Frankenberry to lose that ear.

MCACC said he still has the ability to hear and went on to say it does not appear the injury to his head was caused by dog fighting.

Gable said MCACC received many inquiries from the public after Frankenberry was found.


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