Lucky family wins BRAND NEW car from ABC15, Sanderson Ford

PHOENIX - This year has been full of challenges for the Rennel family.

"My husband, Dale, has been out of work for almost a year now," Lisa Rennel said. "We're about ready to lose his unemployment, and about three weeks ago, he totaled his car."

Fortunately, Dale was not hurt in the crash, but their insurance company only assessed the car at $3,800.

"We were trying to find a car that would at least run and get him from place to place," Lisa said.

Then, the phone rang last week.

"We were getting ready to walk out the door, and I'm like 'okay, I'm looking for a second job, I'd better answer it just in case it's about an interview,'" she recalled.

The phone call was not for an interview, but an answer to a prayer.  Lisa learned she was the winner of a 2013 Ford Fusion from ABC15 and Sanderson Ford.

Lisa and Dale were stunned, not sure whether to believe their good fortune, but were convinced when they saw the news later that night.

"We watched the news that night, and there comes my name, and I'm like 'We really did win!'"

Now the whole family is excited they played -- and won -- Red Hot November.

"We watch channel 15 all the time," Lisa said. "It is unreal. It is such a blessing to win this car at this time in our lives."

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