ABC15 Exclusive: 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio dishes on future, politics and movies

He is considered one of the most powerful politicians in Arizona, and thrives on controversy.

"If there was no controversy you think I would enjoy going to work," says Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Self-titled "America's Toughest Sheriff" turned 83 in June and shows no signs of slowing.

ABC15 spent an entire day with Arpaio in May 2014, following him from his home to the office to shed light on his average day and his thoughts.

Watch our piece with Sheriff Joe in the video player above.

Throughout the day, nothing was off the record, with Arpaio answering everything from how he has survived lawsuits, recalls and federal investigations, to what he wants if people want him to retire to why he considered a clip-on tie a security measure.

Arpaio also discussed his job.

"I don't need this job, I don't make that much money anyway, I don't need this job," said Arpaio. "The day I leave office you think I don't know, you think the media will care about me? No way, dead and buried. That's ok I understand that."

Arpaio's wife also weighed in on her husband's future as an elected official.

"As long as he wants to run, I'm behind it," said Arpaio's wife.

Sheriff Arpaio also showed ABC15 a look at his personal life.

He admits, he watches a lot of TV at night.

"Well I watch the news, channel 15 of course to see if they're blasting me, but I like movies, I have Netflix, I really like watching the foreign movies," he said.

When asked about his immigration policies, Arpaio shied away a bit, saying he will continue his investigations involving identity theft.

As for a federal court order after the Sheriff's office lost a lawsuit involving racial profiling, Arpaio didn't say much.

A federal judge ordered the Sheriff's office to basically do three things, which included new training for its deputies, regular community meetings and cameras installed in MCSO vehicles.

When asked about that situation, Arpaio responded, "Now they want to put cameras in my cars? I'm not going to get into courts right now, but I'll tell you one thing, it might not be bad, OK, but I'm not putting cameras on my guys' (lapels). No way, it's not going to happen."

View even more of the candid, one-on-one interview with Sheriff Joe in the video player above.

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