A behind-the-scenes look at feeding time at the Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo may be a great place to spend the day, watching and learning about the animals. But consider this, it's like a hotel, with thousands of guests and the place never sleeps.

Even feeding the animals can be a full time job.

Every morning, Phoenix Zoo keeper Corey Thomas looks forward to seeing her three girls – elephants Reba, Sheena, and Indu.

The zoo doesn't open until 9 a.m. but her shift starts well before then. She is in early every morning chopping fruits and vegetables in the zoo's commissary. They're treats for the elephants.

The commissary is where meals for every animal in the zoo are prepared, typically a day in advance.

That's meals for nearly 1000 animals and many have specialized diets.

But the keepers say it's work that's completely worthwhile.

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