82-year-old woman dies after being beaten by burglar in her home

PHOENIX - Phoenix police are looking for a suspect who beat up an 82-year old woman in her home near 28th Street and Thomas Road early Sunday morning. 

Police say 82-year-old Nancy Newton woke around 4:30 a.m. and was heading back to bed when a man confronted her, punched her in the face, and left.

It was at least an hour before Newton was able to call 911.

Newton did have some medical conditions, and she was able to give police a vague description of a suspect.

Newton ended up dying on Thursday. The injuries police say were a contributing factor in her death.

"She seemed very capable and spry," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. "It makes me angry someone did this. She was a nice lady."

On Thursday or Friday before the attack, police said someone broke into her home through a carport window.  Newton apparently was unable to secure the window properly. It is unclear if the two incidents are related.

The suspect is described as a young man between 18 to 28 years old, with a thin build. He is anywhere from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 foot 10 inches tall.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS or (480) TESTIGO for Spanish speakers.

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