5 plants to help fight West Nile virus

PHOENIX - County officials have discovered a mosquito that tested positive for West Nile virus. 
The mosquito came from a trap in Queen Creek.
The early start to the season may have all of us thinking about taking a preemptive strike to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in our yards.
There are several plants you can include in your landscape that will help ward off the pest.
Kevin Erdmann, of Berridge Nursery near 46th Street and Camelback recommends any lemon scented plants like lemon grass or lemon verbena and citronella geranium.   

He also says garlic chives and thyme are effective if you place them near patios or any place where you will be spending time outside.
Erdmann advises having a mix of the plants each year for the best protection. While the plants may help, they may not fully replace more powerful pesticides.
Chemical based pesticides can be used around the perimeter of the yard with the plants and organic options closer to the home or patio.

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