15-month-old Mesa baby survives heart and brain surgeries

PHOENIX - Baby Jordan has been through quite a lot in her 15 months on Earth.

When Jordan was only three-months-old, she suddenly stopped eating. Fearing pneumonia, her mother Esther Gonzales took her to the emergency room.

After a chest X-ray, it was apparent that Jordan had a major problem with her heart. Due to a dysfunctional valve, Jordan's heart was three times its normal size.

At five-months-old, Jordan successfully underwent her first heart surgery at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

The happy feeling was short-lived. Due to some of the blood thinners Jordan was given, her brain began to bleed causing an entirely different problem.

"I kept kissing her and telling her how much I loved her. I kept calling her my beautiful baby and telling her I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this," her mother said.

Jordan just finished her fourth heart surgery on Friday, and is currently back home recovering.

The family feels that the worst is behind them, and looks forward to a bright future for Jordan.

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