11-year-old girl taken by her mother during leukemia treatment at Phoenix Children's Hospital

PHOENIX - Phoenix police are looking for an 11-year-old girl after her own mother took her away from Phoenix Children's Hospital on Wednesday night.

The 11-year-old named Emily, was at PCH undergoing leukemia treatment.

During treatment at PCH, Emily had to have a chest catheter placed into her heart, she also had her arm amputated due to infection.

When the mother removed Emily from the hospital, she removed the IV from the chest catheter. Police say if the catheter is not medically removed, it can get infected and it could potentially result in death.

Emily's mother also changed her daughter's clothes before walking out of PCH.

Police were able to obtain several photos (as seen above) of Emily and her mother at PCH.

Emily and her mother were last seen leaving in a dark van outside the hospital.

Police are still looking for the 11-year-old, or any family or friends who would know where Emily is. If you have any information please contact Phoenix police 602-262-7626.

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