Valley father speaks out about son Alex Teves killed at Colorado movie theater

AURORA, CO - A Valley father is speaking out about his son killed in a Colorado movie theater last week.

Tom Teves' son Alex was one of 12 people gunned down during the midnight showing of the latest Batman movie.

Alex's love of superheroes is what brought him to the Aurora theater last week.

"It's the worst day of my life," said Tom Teves. "Alex was my first born and I love him with all my heart."

Alex was a Desert Vista High grad from Ahwatukee who moved to Denver to get a degree in psychology at the University of Denver.

He is credited with saving his girlfriend Amanda's life that night by shielding her from the bullets. They were both sitting in the front row.

"I wanted to get a look at him (James Holmes) and he didn't look like much," said Tom Teves to CNN's Anderson Cooper from Aurora. "But it's not about him, it's about the victims."

Teves asked the media not to focus on the suspect, but on the victims.

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