Doris Bohren outsmarts computer crooks during suspected scam

AHWATUKEE - A Valley woman stopped computer crooks during a Monday morning scam. Or at least she hopes she did.

Doris Bohren got a call at her Ahwatukee home from a man claiming he worked for Microsoft.

He told her, her computer was under attack and that he needed access to her accounts to fix the problems.

She gave them to the man.

"I know I shouldn't have now, but I thought he was from Microsoft and you trust Microsoft," said Doris.

As the conversation continued, Doris started taking notes, getting as much information as she could from him including another phone number. She called that number and a different man answered.

"He didn't say he was from Microsoft, and I asked him about it," said Doris.

After two hours, Doris was finally asked for her credit card number. She had heard enough and ended the call.

"Who knows what his partner was doing for the two hours I was on the phone," she said.

Doris took her computer to a computer expert to be checked out hoping she stopped the crooks in time.

And, she wants to warn others to be on the lookout.

"If the caller doesn't sound right, and you can't confirm where they work, then hang up immediately," she said.

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