Arizona man, Alex Teves, died in Colorado shootings while saving girlfriend's life

AURORA, CO - One of the heroes of the Colorado shootings died saving his girlfriend's life.

Amanda Lindgren spoke about her boyfriend, Alex Teves , who, during the hail of bullets, thought only of her safety.

Teves, who was from Ahwatukee and a Desert Vista High School graduate, put himself in harm's way.

"He held me down and he covered my head and he said 'shhh stay down, it's OK, Shh, just stay down.'  So I did," Lindgren told ABC News.

She tearfully explained how her boyfriend knew he was putting himself in danger.

"I know he did. He'd do anything for me," Lindgren said.  "He always told me that too. I just wish I could have protected him the same way he protected me."

The victim's father, Tom Teves , felt compelled to be inside the courtroom when the suspected shooter, James Holmes, made his first court appearance.

"He had courage. He would have stood up," Tom Teves said. "I was gonna stand up for him. He killed my son. He killed the best man on earth. It's his loss too."

Now Tom Teves and Amanda Lindgren are coping with overwhelming emotions.

I know now more than ever that there is a God, because of Alex," Tom Teves said. "Because Alex is still coming through. Because that's the kind of man he is.  That's the kind of goodness that was in him."

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