Ahwatukee woman shares story of bobcat sighting at home

AHWATUKEE, AZ - An Ahwatukee woman says she noticed an unusual morning visitor on Monday while making coffee.  

Tina Charon looked out her kitchen window and spotted a bobcat right in her backyard.

"I assumed it was a domestic cat or a local cat, but a very big one," she said. "You could see the markings and the tufted ears and I realized it's not a domestic local cat."

Charon spotted the animal feeding near the pool with a rabbit in its mouth. She quickly grabbed a camera and told her family to look outside. 

"He looked and he turned away and he started to walk around the pool carrying his rabbit with him, and not in a hurry; just strolling around," said Charon.

The cat then hid in the bushes for a bit before finishing dinner in the neighbor's yard.  

"As I picked the phone up, the first thing she said is, 'There's a bobcat in my yard eating a rabbit.' And I said 'I know about that bobcat it just left here,'" Charon recalled.

Charon loves the wildlife, and living near the mountains, she understands this is their home, too.

"It really is where they live. Unless it was a problem and it was grabbing kids then that's a different issue, but he was just passing through," she said.

No one was hurt besides the rabbit, and Charon said her family will be more cautious when venturing out.

"We have these block walls so you think nothing, nothing comes in your yard, but clearly that's a false sense of security," she said.

It's easy to understand how it's a false sense of security because the cat jumped over a few brick walls that we know of just to get to the rabbit.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department says they can jump up to 12 feet, but rarely attack people.  

They say if you see bobcats and want to enjoy them, just watch.

Otherwise, if they're in your yard, the department says you can scare them by spraying a garden hose.

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