Ahwatukee residents scramble to save animals from dying in neighborhood lake

AHWATUKEE, AZ - A foul smell is coming from a neighborhood lake in Ahwatukee, and one resident believes it's due to animals dying from the heat.

Marcia Lussier has lived off Lakeside Boulevard in Ahwatukee for close to 20 years and has never seen the water levels get so low.

"I think they are down more than 10 feet just over the past month. There are turtles, fish and birds that live in there and they need more water to survive," Lussier said.

Lussier took it upon herself to reach out to the Herpetological Society and the HOA to see if something could be done to help. Both organizations offered to remove the non-native turtles from the water but got stuck when they approached the property manager.

"The property owner here said he was not interested in helping. He won't re-fill the water either," Lussier said.

The Herpetological Society told ABC15 that when they spoke to the property manager offering to remove the turtles, that "he was anything but amicable."

ABC15 tried reaching out to the property manager but we have not yet received a response.

The entire situation has left Lussier and other residents who live near the lake worried not only for the animals, but for the way of life in their community.

"It's just extremely sad. I saw two dead ducks the other day and I worry it's only going to get worse. These animals need the water," Lussier said.

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