Ahwatukee families question why fire hydrant wasn't fixed prior to fire

PHOENIX - The city of Phoenix denies it knew anything about a broken fire hydrant that destroyed two Ahwatukee homes .

The fire happened on June 24 th around 3 a.m.

Kim Bergman said the sound of her smoke alarm woke her up. She quickly got her husband and two daughters out of the house.

When fire fighters arrived to the scene, they realized the fire hydrant across the street was broken.

Bergman said in the time it took for fire fighters to connect to other hydrants down the street, flames spread to the house next door.

Bergman claims the city of Phoenix Water Services knew the hydrant was broken, six months prior to the fire.

"All of these years, I felt so good because we had all these kids in the house," said Bergman. "We were like the kid house and here unbeknownst to us it never occurred to us that a fire hydrant wouldn't work and they knew it didn't work for at least six months."

Ken Kroski, with Water Services Department says the city had no prior knowledge that the fire hydrant was broken.

Kroski said once a year, fire fighters check on hydrants within city limits to make sure they're operable.

Phoenix Fire Department confirms the hydrant was broken, but wouldn't verify crews had checked on it within the last six months.

"I would like for them to come over and see what happens when you don't do your job, It won't bring my house back and I don't care about that but no one should have to go through this," said Bergman.

It took the Water Service Department over two weeks to fix the broken hydrant.

Investigators ruled the cause of the fire as undetermined.

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