Ahwatukee boot camp designed to help obese pets

AHWATUKEE, AZ - Meal time is probably our dog's most favorite time of the day but it can lead to many overfed pets, which in turn can lead to animal obesity.

Malinda Malone and Jennifer D'Oliveria at Malinda's Pampered Pets have created a doggie boot camp to help fight the problem.

"It's the only program of this kind in the state," says Jennifer.

The boot camp idea came about when they rescued a Pomeranian who was 22 pounds, instead of a healthy eight pounds. They decided the program would be a good way to control and lose weight.

"We are going to be talking about how to feed their pets, when to feed their pets, talking about treats," said Malinda.

The course will also offer advice from a vet, holistic pet health expert, plus a notebook to track daily food intake and exercise.
Malinda says, "You should feed them a certain amount, every day. If you are going to feed them a cup a day, feed them a half of cup in the morning and a half of a cup at night"

She offers an easy tip to check if your dog is overweight, "If you can't feel the ribs that means they are a little overweight. They should have a waist just like people."

And the main purpose of the course will be to help both pets and their owners.

If you'd like more information on the boot camp, you can visit Malinda's website.


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