Sedona man, Amariah Raphael, hurt in grill explosion

SEDONA, AZ - It was supposed to be a relaxing evening at home, but a night grilling dinner went bad when Amariah Raphael's used propane grill exploded on his back porch.

"When he turned the grill on, a flame came out and caught his clothes on fire," his fiancé, Marji Gucci said.

The flames consumed Amariah's body. Marji, remembers the scene.

"I saw him on fire with this horrific scene with his skin dripping off of him and his clothes were melted onto his skin," she said.

Amariah was airlifted to a Valley burn unit, where he underwent countless skin grafts, and ten surgeries.

"His legs, his feet, and most of his body were burned," Marji said.

The accident left him facing a painful recovery. "It hurts. It pretty much hurts all the time," Amariah said.

Marji and his doctors say his progress is remarkable.

"I think because of his spirituality and his attitude, he is here today," she said.

Without insurance, he can't afford physical therapy, so he stretches and soothes his new skin on his own. He says with time, he will heal.

"It's mind over matter," he said.

But the couple warns you to be cautious anytime you're cooking with fire.

"You never think that they are dangerous, we use the grill a lot. The only thing I have to say is be careful around the grill," Marji said.

"Especially if there's any rust or whatever, get a new one, they're only a couple hundred bucks," Amariah echoed.

You can go to Amariah's Facebook page if you would like to post prayers and words of encouragement for Amariah to show your support as he recovers.


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