Government shutdown threatens closure of private campsites across Arizona

SEDONA, AZ - 35 campsites at private parks across Arizona are on the verge of a complete shutdown.

"Right now we're in the process of being ordered to close," said Warren Meyer, President of Recreation Resource Management.

Meyer's company employs about one-hundred people at several popular camping spots in the state of Arizona, but he's now being faced with the tough job of furloughing every worker, and cancelling nearly a dozen upcoming weddings.

"We don't take government money. It's unnecessary that we shut down," said Meyer. "It doesn't make any sense."

Meyer says his campsites operate completely free of federal assistance. In fact, each day their parks remain closed, the government loses even more money.

"Not only do we not use government funding, but by shutting us down, the government is probably making 15 to 20 percent on every dollar we bring in. So we might bring in 100 thousand dollars a week? That's 15 to 20 thousand dollars of government revenue that goes away by closing us down."

With furloughs across the board, Meyer is having a tough time explaining this to anyone at the U.S Forest Service. When ABC15 attempted to get answers, we were met with a "shutdown" message online, and several voicemails that stated this message: "I'm on furlough due to the lapse in government funding. I look forward to returning your message once funding has been restored."

Meyer says he's already received the order to shut down operations at Mt. Lemon within the next 48 hours. He's also heard from "high-up" sources that popular campsites near Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon are guaranteed to be next.

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