Whiskey Row, Bird Cage historic Arizona spots

PRESCOTT, AZ - The Bird Cage Saloon is a beloved landmark in northern Arizona, but after a fire ripped through the business on Tuesday, there may not be much of the historic establishment left.

An employee at the Bird Cage was one of the first to notice smoke pouring into the Saloon around 6 p.m. Tuesday. The flames would go on to severely damage at least two other buildings on famed Whiskey Row.


The Saloon is well known among Arizona natives, with its blue brick wall and the surrounding small businesses along Montezuma Street in Prescott.

According to its website, the Bird Cage opened in 1967. It is called the Bird Cage because there are mounted birds in display cases throughout the bar.

Most of the quaint buildings along Whiskey Row are more than 100 years old.

There was a fire in July of 1900 that burned down a sizeable portion of the strip and the downtown area, a loss now all too familiar for Prescott residents.

The family of the Bird Cage Saloon told ABC15 they are "devastated by the loss of a historic landmark."

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