Valley teen Chance Molzan speaks out about drunk driving

PRESCOTT, AZ - Fourteen-year-old Chance Molzan wants others to learn from the drunk driving accident she was in just last year.

On March 11, 2013, Chance and her mom were driving from Cottonwood to Sky Harbor Airport when a drunk driver hit them going the wrong way.

The crash broke Chances’ leg and nearly severed off her hand. Her mother also suffered severe brain damage.

“I remember being in so much pain and it kept on going forever,” said Chance. "I would black out and then wake back up again at the worst possible moment.”

Paramedics rushed Chance to Phoenix Children's Hospital for treatment.

After more than a week, Chance was released from the hospital, but the fight far from over. For six months she remained in a wheelchair.

"I'm an independent person and it was hard to be stuck and not able to do anything,” said Chance.

During that time, Chance created a video to show during sentencing of the man who almost killed her.

“I wanted him to see how he destroyed our family and regret the decision he made,” said Chance.

At the end of the video, Chance posted the quote that's been their mantra for the past year.

It reads: “Yesterday's gone, today is in front of us and tomorrow just ain't here yet."

Now Chance hopes her story can be living proof of how dangerous drunk driving is.

“We didn't die and I feel like that's kind of God telling us that we have a purpose and we need to make a difference in the world and I believe that it’s going to help other people,” said Chance.

The driver who hit Chance is now behind bars serving a ten-and-a-half year sentence. After that, he'll be on probation for seven years.



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