Prescott SWAT takes down man holed up in house

PRESCOTT, AZ - It took SWAT officers several hours to get an armed man out of a house in Prescott on Tuesday.

Prescott police said in a news release that 67-year-old Richard E. Gray illegally entered a bank-owned home and refused to leave.

A realtor representing the bank called police when he realized there was someone in the house who refused to come out.

Officers found a broken window in the home and called out to the intruder.

Gray was wearing a handgun in a holster on his hip and police said when officers confronted him he put his hand on the weapon and challenged the officers' authority.

He refused to comply with the officers who then backed away from the house.

A perimeter was set up around the house and officers used a public address system to talk to Gray and try to get him out of the house.

The standoff lasted several hours until the Prescott Police Department SWAT officers arrived to take over the incident.

Police said negotiators talked with Gray for almost two hours by telephone and he finally came out around 8 p.m.

According to police, Gray refused to comply with the officers' directions and it was unknown if he was still armed.

Police shot rubber baton rounds at Gray's lower body, causing him to fall to the ground.

He was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

Gray was booked into the Yavapai County Jail in Camp Verde on a local warrant along with charges related to the incident, which include trespassing.

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