Prescott High Badger softball team getting own field for first time

PRESCOTT, AZ - A Prescott school's softball team is getting their own field for the first time.

When you look at this empty baseball field, you see a dilapidated press box and a rusty chain link fence protecting a field full of weeds.

It might not be a pretty sight for everyone, but for the Prescott High Badger softball team this new home is a beautiful thing.

"This is very big for us, just can't believe it," said senior Aly Janosko.

Teammate Gracie Lackey adds, "At first I was like, no way, are we really gonna have our own field? It was surreal to me because we've ever had it in the past."

The Prescott high softball team has never had a home field of their own. They've held every home game and practice at a city park off campus.

"It's super embarrassing because teams will show up an hour late because they come to the school instead of our field down the street," laughs Lackey.

One of the first things new athletic director Mark Goligoski did was to designate an old little league field on campus as the new softball field. 

"Our girls' team is not on campus," Goligoski said. "We want to bring them on campus, bring focus to the team, and revitalize the area."

Goligoski's decision to build the field came with one condition: the team would have to raise the money to cover the cost.

"With some of the issues of how school financing supports these programs, we've gotta go out there and hit the streets and ask people for their donations," said Goligoski.

"We're about halfway there," adds head coach Allison Mendibles. "We need about $45,000, maybe a little bit more, maybe a little bit less."

The team is hoping that come January, the ants behind home plate will be replaced by an umpire calling balls and strikes and real dugouts will replace the old pine board benches.

"It's also kind of awesome that my last year, I get to play on our first home field," said Janosko with a big smile.  "So I'm kind of excited."

The team hopes to have the field ready by January, but they still need help.  If you'd like to donate, you can go to the website for more information or send an email .

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