Prescott couple builds 204-square foot home to gain financial independence

PRESCOTT, AZ - A Prescott couple built a 204-square foot home to gain financial independence and is hoping to soon do the same for others, too.

The sounds of drilling could be heard from a nondescript garage. Shane Caverly, a contractor, and Carrie Caverly, a designer, were putting the final touches on a home they built from scratch as I arrived to interview them.
At 204-square feet, it's a bit of a change for the couple. A change they welcome.
"I ended up having to foreclose with the market the way it is. I said, I don't want to ever play that game again," Shane said.
It's about 24 feet by 8 feet. The Caverlys say every extra inch counts. Shane showed me around, lifting couch cushions to reveal extra storage and explaining how the steps alongside the bed double as storage, too.
"The great thing is that we can probably clean our house in about five minutes, said and done. It's immaculately clean," Shane said.
Carrie quickly admits that she has had second thoughts.
"I've definitely been doing the rollercoaster. Some mornings I'll wake up and I'll look over at my favorite dresser or favorite table and I'm like, dang it, I can't use that anymore," she said.
With those reservations aside, Carrie is excited about the financial freedom. She said paying $300 a month instead of $1,200 means a lot of money in the bank. Mortgages and debt are something they have decided not to live with anymore.

"It makes life really easy, especially the way the work is being a contractor," Shane said.
The 204 square feet may seem a bit extreme to many people. Shane and Carrie aren't surprised when people call them crazy for making this move.
"There's only one way to know, which is, we got to live in it to find out if we are totally nuts!" Shane said.

As a contractor, Shane wants to build tiny homes for others, too.  

The couple is currently working on plans and prices and hopes to have more information available soon on their website.
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