PD: Prescott driver hits 4 construction vehicles, arrested for DUI

PRESCOTT, AZ - Police arrested a suspected drunk driver after she allegedly crashed into several construction vehicles in Prescott Tuesday night.

Prescott police say 43-year-old Stephanie Bustamante tested almost three times Arizona's legal limit when she was tested for DUI.

Police say there were 35 road workers at the crash scene in the 700 block of Whipple Street when the crash occurred.

The scene covered over 1,700 feet from initial impact to where the truck finally stopped.

None of the workers on foot was hurt, but two of the drivers in the construction vehicles suffered whiplash-like injuries.

When officers questioned Bustamante she would not tell them what happened, but they smelled alcohol on her breath, according to police.

Bustamante had minor cuts and bruises and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

She was checked over and released to police a short time later.

Bustamante was arrested and faces multiple felony DUI, felony endangerment and aggravated assault charges.

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