Hotshot's truck to be restored by Phoenix body shop as parade memorial

PHOENIX - A Phoenix auto body shop is honoring the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots with a restored hot rod.

Jesse Steed, one of the hotshots killed during the Yarnell Hill wildfire, was working to restore a 1957 GMC 4x4 pickup truck at the time of his tragic death.

Since the project wasn't completed, Steed's family wanted to finish the project as a memorial to the entire crew.

Street Rods by Auto Art in Phoenix will be working to finish restoring the truck, which will be used as a parade truck and a public awareness vehicle in honor of the Prescott 19.

"We have roots in the Prescott area. We know a lot of these people so it was truly an honor for the family to allow us to finish this truck," said Phill Beck, owner of Street Rods by Auto Art.

The truck will be completed using donated parts and labor. The plan is to have the entire project completed in time for next year's Fourth of July parade.

A fund to assist with any financial costs towards the memorial has been created at Wells Fargo Bank under "Jesse Steed Memorial Project."

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